When you think about the NBA currently, you think about LeBron James, Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant. Fans marvel at how LeBron goes coast to coast for a slam dunk, or how Durant makes scoring the basketball look easy. However, the aforementioned Curry’s skills are different. Curry is what you call a “lights out shooter.”

Curry is considered by some to be the best shooter in NBA history. His game is so transcendent, that the way basketball is played today has changed. Due to Curry’s popularity, young kids who watch his games believe they have to play like him in order to be successful in not just the NBA, but any level of basketball.

Enter Handy Johnson, founder of Back-2-Basics. Johnson believes in teaching players, at any level, the fundamentals of the game in order to ensure they succeed.

Back-2-Basics is a skill development camp that I saw a great need for by being a high school coach,” Johnson said. “I got to the interpretation of understanding that Back-2-Basics were how I was taught. So I said to myself, why not go back to what the basics were – and that is where Back-2-Basics came from.”

Stephen Curry’s personal trainer knows Coach Johnson,” camper Damian Bolden said. “He knows I really like Steph, so he spoke to his trainer and we got backstage passes to meet him and it was a lifetime dream. He gave me some advice to just keep working hard and it does not matter what height you are.”


Saint Catherine of Siena – Maguire Hall: the gym where the camp is located. The gym has hosted several big name basketball players – including Detroit Pistons legend and Basketball Hall of Famer, Isiah Thomas. (January 18, 2018 – Photo: Steven Johnson)


The calm before the storm, as the camp is set to begin. It is time to go back to the basics. (January 18, 2018 – Photo: Steven Johnson)

DSCF2049 (2)

Coach Johnson and his campers begin to arrive. Daniel Johnson, his son, practices his jump shot as Coach prepares the court for the instructional session. (January 18, 2018 – Photo: Steven Johnson)


It is go-time now. The campers have basketballs and now it is time to run some drills. You have to bring your ‘A’-game all the time for Coach Johnson. (January 18, 2018 – Photo: Steven Johnson)


Form is very important when it comes to shooting a basketball. Damian Bolden, who hopes to be the next Stephen Curry, works on his shooting form. (January 18, 2018 – Photo: Steven Johnson)


Coach Johnson instructs his campers on how to catch up with outlet passes from their teammates. When the camper catches the pass, they must finish with a lay-up. (January 18, 2018 – Steven Johnson)


The camp also teaches proper form when it comes to exercising. Here, Daniel does push-ups to strengthen his core muscles. (January 18, 2018 – Steven Johnson)

DSCF2132 (2)

Coach Johnson observes his campers as they go through their drills. (January 18, 2018 – Photo: Steven Johnson)


Again, it is all about the basics. Another camper looks to bury a free throw – a critical part of the game of basketball. (January 18, 2018 – Photo: Steven Johnson)

DSCF2155 (2)

A camper pulls up for a jumper after beating her opponent (the cones represent the defense) off the dribble. (January 18, 2018 – Photo: Steven Johnson)


“I have to give props to Coach Johnson – he is the best trainer in the city,” – Damian Bolden. As Coach Johnson ends this session, he takes time out to teach to what the campers are here for. (January 18, 2018 – Photo: Steven Johnson)




Guest: Kendall Gill

This episode of “The All Day SJ Show” is a special one. Joining me for this edition is a true legend of Chicago Basketball in Kendall Gill.

Gill was a part of the “Flyin’ Illini” phenomenon, which was the golden age of Illinois Men’s Basketball. He was a lottery pick with the Charlotte Hornets in 1990, where he was drafted fifth overall. Gill was successful as a rookie, as he made the NBA-All Rookie First Team in 1991.

Known for his hard-nosed defense, Gill led the NBA in steals in 1999. He also is the co-holder of the NBA record for most steals in a game (11).

In this episode, we talk about the expectations for the Fighting Illini this season, as well as the “Flyin’ Illini” era. Kendall also talks about who was the toughest to guard between Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James… but who was the true G.O.A.T.? Kendall’s answer may surprise you…

Also on the show, we discuss the Bulls current rebuild and how long we have to wait to expect them to be contenders again.